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Welcome to the
Billiards League of America!

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Q-Ball Billiards on Thursday
nights in Jacksonville, FL
is the Liberty Division

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An Awesome Pool League for
serious or recreational Players ...

... and the members love it! Designed with players in mind, the Billiards League of America was established to give players a fair & fun environment to shoot pool. Making a little money or getting a new cue or case along the way is an added benefit.

Having shot in many different pool environments, it was quite obvious of all the complaints players had about pool and leagues. In an effort to give the players what they wanted, we started by listing all the complaints we had heard and experienced ourselves. The BLA was then built around eliminating those complaints and related situations. The results are outstanding; proven by how well our players enjoy this league!

Complaint Paying money session after session just to find out you get nothing back.
Solution ~ Every player gets paid at the end of every session.

Complaint Waiting 2 or 3 hours just to see if you will be shooting tonight.
Solution ~ Each player scheduled to shoot that night will play throughout the match with short breaks in between.

Complaint Staying out too late - sometimes 'til midnight or later.
Solution ~ Almost all of our matches are completely done in approx. 2 hours.

Complaint Never shot in a playoff game because our team is not a strong team.
Solution ~ Every team goes to the playoffs every session no matter what your skill level or final standings.

Complaint Yearly fees keep going up and we never get anything back for the increased amounts.
Solution ~ Our yearly fees are still as low as any league we are aware of.
Solution ~ Free yearly tournament. BLA Office pays your entry fee and any money you win is yours to keep.
Solution ~ Every session, at least 80% of all league fees taken in gets paid back to the players.

Complaint Player suggestions are not taken seriously or ignored completely.
Solution ~ Any member in good standing can make suggestions that will be brought up for a member vote. If voted in by the members, the suggestion goes into effect.

Complaint Sportsmanship issues go on and on without being addressed.
Solution ~ Sportsmanship violations get one warning. Second offence results in penalties.

Complaint Too much sandbagging.
Solution ~ Players get paid for balls made. If you want to sandbag, do it and your opponent will get the money instead of you.
Solution ~ Handicaps affect the team; not the player. Sandbagging will only reduce the amount of money you win with no later reward.
Solution ~ The first place team gets paid cash for winning the session (after the first divisional session).

If this looks like something you would like to check out, contact us to see why this league is indeed the Players League!

Active Members can win prizes by finding and reporting errors on this web site! If you see something that is spelled wrong, scores entered incorrectly or any obvious error, report it to the BLA Office. You can win entry in drawings for cues, cases, accessories, money, weekly league fees and more!

Every Player gets paid every session

Regardless of your individual skill level... you earn cash every session!

Players are paid for all legally pocketed
balls even if you don't win the rack!

The Billiards League of America is expanding and
Division Rep paid positions are available.

This league is growing and looking to open divisions in other cities and states.

Division Representatives get paid for their divisions. That could be you in your city. Best of all: we keep up with the paperwork for you. There are requirement to be a rep, but you are not burdened with stats, handicaps, scheduling or any of that other technical stuff. We handle it so you don't have these things to worry about. Because the office maintains most of the paperwork, this is a way to insure consistency and accuracy.

Being a division representative is not for everybody. It is not the easiest thing in the world to do but we are here to help you learn. If you are accepted as a new division rep, the rewards are many including this being a paid position in addition to many other benefits.

Take a look at the representative information then call us with your questions. We will take the time to speak with you and discuss the details & options.

Our experience is here to make things easy for you and your players.

Getting started can be simple if you are the type of person that can be responsible enough to do what is required. With our help, it can be quite simple. Your players will love you for bringing this new concept to them: Every player gets paid every session they are active and every team goes to the playoffs!

At the Billiards League of America there are No Franchise Fees. Contact us for clarification and info on how to get involved. We are here to answer your questions.

All Players get $$ back; Not just the top winners!
Membership is $10 a year.

The Players Win Every member gets paid back money at the end of every session!

The Players Win Every team goes to the playoffs!

The Players Win Handicapped format makes it fair for everybody.

The Players Win Paid for balls pocketed even if you don't win the rack.

The Players Win Active members get reduced prices on Pool & Billiard items ordered thru us and league prices are lower than you can get via retail outlets!

The Players Win Active members are invited to shoot in a tournament for free at the end of every year that pays cash & prizes! Every division has their own tournament!

Members and Reps Benefits & Information
Printable .pdf format
Alternate .jpg format

Try it out for a session or two and you will see
why this could be the Best Pool League ever!

A Pool League for Players!
Built by removing the complaints from other leagues.

In order to make a league the players would enjoy, we gathered all of the complaints, issues, and grumbles that we could find from league players. We then created a new concept that totally eliminated those problems. The result is the Billiards League of America. Now, the players can enjoy a night out without all those issues. We are glad to say this league is working!

In the BLA, the players determine how the league operates. Any player can recommend rule changes. Suggestion will be made available to all league players for majority rules vote on any rule changes, additions or removals.

Come shoot with us for a session or two and find out how much fun you can have and if this league is for you.

The BLA Accessories Store is now open for
BLA Active League Members

Enter store here

Any BLA item you order with the BLA Logo
can have your division logo at your request.

The BLA is available to expand into your city & state

Starting your own division(s) and making money while doing what you love to do: Shooting Pool! This can be an reality for you. Our office is here to answer questions and assist you in getting started & keep things running smoothly.

There are no franchise costs or 'buy-in' fees. If this is something you can do, and are accepted, then let's get started talking about it. We don't want to eliminate anyone because of finances.

Contact us for more information

Most of the questions you will have can be found on this web site. If you like the phone better, you are welcome to call. We are people too and are okay with a good ole phone visit.

Not sure where this quote came from, or I would give proper credit as due.
Still, this is one of the best lines I've heard.

"Winners focus on winning; losers focus on winners"

If you see a need, adjust as necessary.
You know.

Members and Reps Benefits & Information
Printable .pdf format
Alternate .jpg format

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