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Join the Billiards League of America

As a Player:
Cost to become a member of the Billiards League of America is $10 per year. Membership fees are used for prizes & payouts for the Yearly BLA "Members Appreciation" Tournament at the end of each calendar year; Usually held in January of the following year. Each division has one free tournament available to them per year.

Benefits of being a member:
  • Entitles you to shoot in league matches in your divisions
  • No need for tracking shots or safeties
  • Allows you an invitation to shoot in your divisional tournaments
  • Includes you when the league buys "Free Drinks" for the members
  • Members receive special pricing on Pool & Billiard Equipment thru RCC of Jacksonville
  • Free instructional clinics (where available)
  • Members in good standing are entered in League Raffle Drawings
  • Plaques! Trophies! Prizes! Cash!
  • Free Entry in the BLA "Members Appreciation Tournament" with money & prizes to be won
Call us or come by one of the scheduled division league nights of play. We welcome you to join an existing team, bring your current team, or create a new division or team.

League Operators or Division Representatives can answer your questions, introduce you to necessary personnel and get you set up to start making money while enjoying one of the best pool leagues in the country! We look forward to meeting you!

As a Division Rep:
Build and grow your own division(s). You can start with a minimum of four teams and as long as you are the Rep for your division, you get paid! And you don't have to worry about keeping up with all the technical paperwork; we do that from the home office.

Benefits of being a Division Representative:
  • There is no cost to "buy-in" - No franchise fees
  • You get paid as long as you are the active rep for your division
  • Our home office maintains the paperwork for you including scheduling, stats & payouts
  • Full support from the home office for league questions or issues
  • The increased opportunity to help new enthusiasts get involved in pool
  • Division Reps make extra money from Pool & Billiards item ordered from your division
  • You are NOT LIMITED on how many divisions you can run and get paid for.
Call us for additional information. Take advantage of our experience and willingness to help you.

Division Representatives have a status within the local pool community and in most cases are looked up to. Let us help you establish that reputation. We look forward to meeting you.

Danny Rogers
(904) 781-4289
Office/Landline (not text)

Call us on the phone.

To keep down junk mail, email address are not made available for public use. For information, give us a call and we will gladly speak with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

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