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"Working to be the Worlds Most
Fair Handicapped Pool League"

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The Billiards League of America prides ourselves in creating and maintaining a Fun & Fair Environment for our members. Cheating will not be tolerated! Anyone caught cheating may be immediately removed from the league. Depending on the situation, a warning may be issued at the descretion of the governing body.

The Team Captain, Division Representative or League Operator may remove anyone from within their area of jurisdiction - either temporary or permanent - at anytime for cheating. Any player can report a suspected violation.

This policy is not designed to frighten or control anyone. It is to protect the members. Thank you for your understanding.

Pocket size BLA Rule Books (8 & 9) available. Each team gets one free.
Copies available for $1 each - which is lower than our cost with shipping.

As a member of the Billiards League of America (in good standing), you are welcome to see the Financial Statement for any session in which you were active. Contact your League Operator for information. Restrictions may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

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