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"Working to be the Worlds Most
Fair Handicapped Pool League"

The Billiards League of America prides ourselves in creating and maintaining a Fun & Fair Environment for our members. To make this work, it is important for all involved to constantly display good sportsmanship.

Our league office accepts the task for proper training and sharing what it takes to be a "Good Sport" and we are willing to do our part in sharing necessary information.

Players, Coaches, Captains, Division Reps and the League Operator all share the responsibility of promoting Good Sportsmanship in order to create, increase and maintain the Fun & Fair environment so many players want. So, what can you do to help? The answers are simple and probably endless. To start with, let us all work together to create this page on our site with suggestions from any active member.

If you know of a good suggestion for this page, please send it to the office to be considered for posting. Your suggestion can be a paragraph, a sentence or some type of graphic. But, it must be related to the good sport theme.

Thank you in advance for your involvement in making this page one of the best on our site!

Your personal integrity, and the respect of the other players in your league, is more valuable than forcing a bad call on any individual shot, particularly when your opponent and your own team members know that is what you are doing.

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