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Meet your League Operator

Here at the Billiards League of America, we are working very hard to make sure you have a fair and friendly league to shoot pool. Although very knowledged, we do not claim to know everything about pool. What we DO claim is a promise to do all we can to provide you the best league it can be!

Years of experience has gone in to making this a league you will enjoy. You can be confident of the abilities and dedication from our office.

As your League Operator, I am always open to hear what you as a member have to say. There is usually something for me to learn from you because I realize you too have a history in pool.

Our Pool League experience has been proven! Building, running, advising, assisting, and playing! There is no doubt you have proper leadership. You can soon see why the Billiards League of America is slated to be one of, or the best leagues available!

You are welcome to come meet us in person at a local event. If it works better for you, then pick up the phone and call for some personal conversation. We really do enjoy talking about Pool & Billiards!


Name: Danny Rogers
Nickname: Rabbit
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Currently Resides: Jacksonville, Florida
Born: 1960 Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida
Occupation: Pool & Billiards: Cue Design, Sales & Service
Previous Occupation: Retired from US Air Force & Law Enforcement
Mariatal Status: Married to a Beautiful Lady: Linda
Other Hobbies: Bluegrass Musician
Personal Quote: "They will remember you
longer than they will remember the score!"

Danny Rogers, affectionately know as "Rabbit" has been playing pool most of his life and started shooting competition at an early age. His first instructor was his older brother, who was very well established as a player in the pool community. Rabbit was able to listen to the instruction and apply what was important in the game. Not just to win, but what it took to be not only a good winner but also a good sport when on the other end.

While serving in the US Air Force, a particular game of choice was 9-ball. In order to win, you had to catch your opponent on three fouls in a row. This brought a whole new way of thinking to the game. As a result, Rabbit is now very effective at defense. It just happened by chance but was a very worth-while effort!

Running tournaments was a regular thing for him while in the military and after so many years, he is very good at setting up tournament brackets and running tournaments in a fair and timely manner. He has been Tournament Director in several state tournaments in Florida. In another local league based out of Jacksonville, Rabbit assisted by designing their biggest tournament of the year. From start to finish, including building the tournament bracket, dates & times, and even table assignments to evenly distribute play on all tables. The entire process went smooth without a hitch. This was the best operated tournament for that league in recent past. Now the BLA has his ability & leadership!

In addition to Rabbit's love for the game, he has always had a genuine interest in helping others learn the game as well. It is not uncommon to find him in the pool hall offering tips to players in effort to assist them in their growth in pool. You are always welcome to ask him for help and if he knows, he will make himself available.

The book he teaches out of is Robert Byrne's New Standard Book of Pool & Billiards. Rabbit says, in his opinion, this is one of the very best books ever written on the subject.


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