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Notes & Questions
Sent to us asking about the BLA

Question on Joining
Comments: Hi Danny, long time huh.  Do you have anything going in the N.W.?

Not yet, but maybe you can bring our league to your area.  We built another league down here that spread quickly.  Because one of the main guys got transferred with work, the league was sold.  Now, with the experience, the new league is up & running and doing very well with lots of happy players.  We started in June 2014.  In one week, the league doubled in size.  Before the end of the year it doubled in size again!  People like this format.
Can you send any info by mail ??
Yes and surely will upon request.  To be quicker, you can see it on our web site:
Those four links have what you would need to know about the league, and what to do with it. 
The most important thing a rep needs to know is we do all of the support (paperwork) here in the office so you don't have to.  And you can feel comfortable knowing I make myself available to answer questions for you or your players.

Our local league is not afilated with any one. We have apox. 100 players. 
Not being affiliated with any organization is probably a good thing so you can do what you want with a new league.  The number of players is good because that increases the amount of money in the session(s) and makes for higher payouts to the players and the rep.

Our league is in 2 different counties stretched out over a 20 mile area.
The highest number of teams allowable for one division is Sixteen Teams. If you had more than sixteen, we could easily set up more than one division. One person can be the rep for more than one division.  If you have multiple divisions, you can run both to the end, then have a final playoff match to determine who is the area best. 
It is not required that a rep be an active shooter in a division, but the rep is encouraged to shoot in their division when it works out that they can make it happen.  You could have more than one division or could get someone you know & trust to either help you with delivering paperwork, or you could encourage them to be a rep of another division.  That would be totally up to you and your situation.  Either way, we support you from here and we know how to make it work.
The rep has to print the score sheets and deliver them to the match on or before league night.  At the end of the night, pick up the completed score sheets and the team fees.  The sheets & money has to be returned to us here at the office.  There are many options to make this easy for you.
We end this session in March and don't start again till September. 
Is there a reason you don't shoot during the summer months?  If you have a summer division, some people would surely play and that means more money for all involved.  It is okay to shoot any part of the year that works for your players.
We have all skill levels, no handicap.
First of all, let me say we are setup to run the division with or without handicap format.  In the past, I've shot with no handicap as well.  The reason we use handicaps is to make it fair for all involved and in most cases, using a handicap will encourage the weaker players to participate.  It is not for me to try to change your playing format, but it just might be if you start something of this nature, you could (and probably would) see an increase in players.  You let us know how you wish to proceed and together we can make it happen.

We play 8 ball with no ball in hand. When BIH is mentioned some players get an attitude. They are scared to death of it . The better payers not so much.  
The ball-in-hand option is surely dictated by what do the players want to do, and it is not up to us here in the office to change your playing format.  What I will say is sometimes it is just a matter of getting a group together and try something new for a session.  If they have never done it for any length of time, they can't really say how it will turn out.
Do not know if we would fit in.  
You will fit in if you want to.  All you need to do is talk to some players there and let us know when you want to get started.  You can start a division with as few as 8 players; four teams of two on a team.  4 is the minimum numbers of teams to start a division.  You can start off with as many teams as you have and shoot 2, 3, 4 or 5 per night.  Shooting with 2 players is not the best options, but is the minimum. This would get you started and you could grow from there.

You can shoot either 2, 3, 4 or 5 players a night.  Whatever number of players shooting, has to be the same for ALL teams for the whole session.  Different sessions can be different number of players shooting per night.  You can roster up to 8 players on any team but still the same number of players shoot per night for the session

Here is a little info for you on one particular session:
Six Teams
Four Players shooting per night
Ten Weeks (number of teams plays each other team twice)
Total paid by players @ $7 per night: $1680.00
Balls made (will vary each session): 6098 x .15c per ball = $915.00 (approx)
Division Rep: $168.00
Playoffs paid three places: 1st $150. 2nd $125. 3rd $100

Sometimes we do a drawing after playoffs for all of the teams not ending up in the money.  A team can receive cash to split.  The division rep would decide if they want to do this as it is not required.

If your particular division wants to play by a different set of rules, we can do that.  We usually get the players together and let them vote on any rule change.  I AM NOT opposed to adjusting the rule book for your divisional requests.  Talk to the players and see if they would be up for trying our current rule book as is for a session or two.  This would do two important things: 1. Your players would be introduced to a new / different way of playing they most likely will enjoy.  2. It makes for simplicity when a player contacts us for a rules question because we are already familiar with our current rule book.  Either way, we will give you support in whatever it is your players want to do.
So, this what we have to offer.  If you and your other players like it, then lets get started.  The BLA is looking forward to working with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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