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Division Representatives
Getting paid to do what you enjoy

Basic Responsibilities are very simple

Because the office does all of the bookwork for you, your job is quite simple. All you need to have is eMail, a printer, and an ink pen. Each week you will receive an email from the BLA Office with the scheduled matches for the teams in your division. Here is what you need to do:

1. Print the score sheets. The file sent to you by the office will have who is playing who, which is the home team, and in some cases even table assignments.

2. Make the scoresheets available for your division. We have nice Tyvek folders. It is easy to put the scoresheets, copy of rules, money envelope, etc in the tyvek folders.

3. Pick up completed score sheets & league fees. At the end of the league night when the matches are done, you will be responsible to receive the paperwork & money from each team. To make your job easier, it is the responsibility of the team captains to get the money from their players so the rep only has to deal with one person from each team. You will have a payment ledger sheet for each team that covers the current session. When the captain gives you the money you will write it down on the sheet and sign it. Each captain should then take a picture of the payment made with their cell phone so they will have a "receipt" of having turned in their money.

4. Return the completed score sheets to the BLA Office. You are welcome to send them via email, text picture, or snail mail. Electronic is best; it is quicker, and you keep the originals. At the end of each session, after all scores have been posted, you may dispose of the originals.

5. Deposit the money into Wells Fargo. Because we are licensed to do this business, we have created a Business Bank Account at Wells Fargo. You will be provided with deposit slips that already has the necessary information. Deposit the cash each week and email or text a copy of the deposit receipt to the BLA office. If there is not a Wells Fargo branch in your area, you are welcome to mail a check to the league office or use pay pal.

Of course, if there are specific issues concerning any of these steps, you can work out the details with the office.

If you have additional questions, please ask. It is important that you understand completely to give you the best feel of the position.

Frequently Asked Questions

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